If there's one thing we can say here at Italiana Travel Design - with immense pride! - it's that we do things differently! 



Welcome to the Italiana Travel Design family!

Consider this your official invitation: 

We invite you to learn more about us and our own journey to and through Italy. 

We are always - and have always been - dedicated to the pursuit of how to best serve you and your dreams, so that you can experience this amazing country in all the meaningful and memorable ways that we have always enjoyed it ourselves!

A Personal Message from Our Visionary Founder

"Benvenuti!  Welcome! I couldn't be happier that you're here!

The very fact that you're reading this tells me that you are our kind of traveler
You know that you deserve more than the underwhelming pre-packaged options sold to the masses ...

and you're not interested in the overwhelm of an entirely DIY trip to Italy, either.

You may be wondering exactly who we are, what we do,
and what makes us uniquely qualified to plan your trip of a lifetime. 
In essence, it's our commitment to this promise: 

Whether we do all of the work for  you - or work with you - your dream trip to Italy is truly just a conversation away. "

You dream of your perfect trip to Italy...


I encourage you to keep this in mind as you read through the following sections.  We've pulled back the curtains to invite you to learn as much of our story as you like.

We are real people here are Italiana Travel Design.  Real people with a real passion to see your dreams come to life - and a perfect track record of making that happen.   Whenever you're ready, we can't wait to hear from you.


Founder & Lead Designer

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it all started with my camera.

about us

On one side of the Atlantic, we are an intentionally small team of highly skilled itinerary designers, planners, and consultants, led by our founder and all around Italophile, Liana.  She has personally been to over 400 cities and covered so many kilometers that she's been accused (more than once!) of breaking the odometer when returning a rental car! 

On the other side of the pond? 

That would be our industry-leading network of over 500 hand-selected local specialists throughout Italy.  We're talking the best of the best when it comes to guides, drivers, chefs, dinner party hosts, farmers, artisans, master gardeners, musicians, gourmet food producers, jewelers, historians, sommeliers, art restorers...and the list goes on. 

It's not easy to get an invitation to work with Italiana, so there's no doubt about it: our team is the best you could ever ask for.   

Over the years, our team has truly become our extended family.  We've laughed, cried, christened,  traveled, troubleshot outrageous scenarios, and of course, shared the blessing of sitting at countless tables together.   

We love them, and they know it.  The feeling is mutual and simply can't help but be extended to you as well.

Who Is Italiana Travel Design?

Our founder and lead design team are bilingual, dual American-Italian citizens whose personal travels over nearly two decades inform everything we do.   There's no doubt about it: we understand more than anyone what professional Americans want and expect when they travel...and we know exactly how to make that happen in our beloved Italy.   

Beyond that, this is pretty mind-blowing to think about: 

When we  combine all  of the years that all of our local specialists throughout Italy have been making dreams come true?  Without any exaggeration, we're talking about thousands of total years of knowledge, experience, passion and pure love for this type of truly unique service. 

We  love the fact that unlike most travel professionals bound to industry standards and suppliers, we are completely and totally independent and free to work with whomever we choose, that the back roads are the most familiar to us, and that avoiding crowds is one of our superpowers. 

All in all, this means that we are free from the limitations and constraints inherent in larger travel companies and corporations - and that we can pass that freedom right on to you!

What Sets Us Apart?

As you can now see, our professional independence and the hundreds of personal connections we've established over the years allows us full, unrestricted creative license.

Yes, this is the only way we are able to deliver on our promise: to design your dream trip.   But it goes far beyond that!  It also means your investment in high quality travel: 

  invests directly in local economies - not large, international companies that too often take advantage of the "little guys" (aka our team!)

   supports multi-generational family businesses,  the very ones that most people actually want to see when they come to Italy 

 creates new opportunities for young Italians, whether that's the chance to learn a new trade or to be able to stay home and work with their
family's land, animals, craft, or other area of expertise


  helps to preserve and promote both regional and national traditions that made this nation so incredible to begin with!

In fact, there are many places throughout Italy where only a handful of people are keeping certain music, art, agriculture, culinary, religious and other traditions alive.  They need support.  And there are many other places in Italy that are being utterly devastated due to overtourism.  They need a break! 

One thing that we love - absolutely love - about our clients is that they truly care about the impact of their travels. 

Yes, they want to avoid the masses, but when they place their trust in us, it's also with the understanding that we will help them do good with this investment of their time, energy, and finances - all while having a great time! 

Trust us, how you choose to travel and who you choose to travel with matters. A lot.

Why Does It Matter?

C'era una volta*, Liana was teaching multiple languages  -including Latin! -in an inner city middle school (that she actually helped to found!)   She was studying for her Master's, grading papers, writing curricula, planning field trips, and somehow, also creating beautiful, personal Italian travel experiences for friends and family in her "spare" time. 

These  days the internet is overwhelming, but back then it was confusing and unreliable.   People knew enough to know that there was a better way to travel, but they couldn't find anything like what they heard her talk about when she and her family went to Italy. 

They came to Liana, wanting the same hilarious, heartwarming, (and sometimes outrageous) stories that no one who went on a bus tour ever came home with.  They wanted their trips to be special, full of those personal connections.  

Unbeknownst to her at the time, those simple. heartfelt requests were the first steps towards what would one day become Italiana Travel Design.  Enough things changed unexpectedly that Liana decided to set her feet on the least linear path of her entire life: trailblazing an entirely different way to travel to Italy.  And she's never looked back. 

Providence or destiny, it really started as all good things do: love, passion, family - and a lot of great Southern Italian food!

*"C'era una volta" = "once upon a time" in Italian.

How Did We Start?