With our personal connections to over 500 of the best local experts throughout Italy, there is truly no travel request that we cannot create a trip for.

As we often say, "Throw a dart anywhere on the map of Italy and we have the perfect person there."

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custom travel design is right for you if: 


You have already reviewed our Select Porfolio Collection itineraries and do not see most of your desired destinations among them.

1) have completely read the itinerary overview for the trip(s) you are interested in

2) are comfortable with the per person price listed 


3) understand that our trips are entirely private (no big buses or groups of strangers)

If this sounds like the service for you, we'd love to hear from you!

Your trip requires very complicated logistics, a large portion of time in hard to reach villages,  tracing your Italian ancestry, or extends more than three weeks. 

Your budget will comfortably allow at least $4,500 per person, per week for each traveler in your party.

Please keep in mind that any and all of our currently offered itineraries can be both customized to your tastes and combined with portions of other itineraries.

No part of Italy is off limits to us and we can - and have - designed for trips of several months with great success.  Rest assured, your dream trip is possible.

Not including airfare or gratuities; everything else in our comprehensive "touch down to take off" approach is included.

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