It's a terrible feeling - and you're not the only one who's ever been there.

You've sunk in dozens of hours, filled out an Excel spreadsheet, drafted a whole itinerary, bookmarked everything you could possibly need in multiple places...

And then the doubt creeps in.  

Is this actually the best way to arrange things?  

Who are all those people in the forums giving advice and are you really wise to trust them with this kind of investment?

We can help answer all of your questions, erase that doubt and fine tune your plans in no time.

And not only can we...we're happy to!

unsure at the end

stuck in the middle

just starting out...

We love to work with DIY travelers who share our appreciation for the challenge - and reward - of well planned travel.

Our private, tailored travel consulting is available in a variety of time packages to meet the needs of travel planners at the beginning, middle, and end of their research and planning.

travel consulting

Maybe you have plane tickets....maybe you literally have nothing but an idea.

This is the perfect time to connect with an Italy travel expert.   

 Running everything by us before you get too deep into planning can save a ton of time, stress, and headache.

You're planning a vacation, after all.  Shouldn't it be as enjoyable as possible from the start?

We certainly think so - and we can't wait to help you get off to the strongest start possible!

It happens to the best of the best... you start out strong, collecting tons of data with boundless energy to sort through it and make this trip incredible.

And then, life happens...
or you get information overload...
or analysis paralysis....

And before you know it, you just cannot figure out what to do next or if the work you've done is really what you even want.

Not to worry.  We've stepped in and saved a lot of trips mid-plan, restoring the excitement of the trip you're working so hard to plan.

Where are you, right now?

What are the benefits?

sounds great!  i'm in!

On average, a person spends 10-20 hours just on the research for their trip.

save yourself


When you add
- following up on emails
- deciphering non-native English
-following up on emails again
- double, triple, and quadruple checking information
- checking daily for the schedule that's "coming soon"
- trying to read between the lines of an email
- and following up on emails again...

You are talking about 30, 40...even 60 hours of unpaid, inconvenient hours poured into your trip. 

Think of what else you could do with that time.

We can save you those wasted and wondering hours - and help you wrap up the plans you're looking forward to in record time!

Imagine if your vacation weren't stressful or time consuming at all.


Logistics are not easy to get right without extensive experience in your destination. 

save yourself


Think about how likely this scenario is when you drive to a nearby city here in the U.S. that you're just not familiar with.

You know how it goes:
Circle for parking...
Try to compare garage rates on the fly...
Wonder if you should have taken the train in...
Circle another block...
Have your Maps app lag too far behind to actually help...
Be told by your co-pilot how frustrating this is...

Finally get yourselves settled, then meet a local who in two seconds tells you where you could have effortlessly parked all day - for free! 

Imagine having a friend from Italy who can answer questions faster than you can type them into a search bar or ask Siri.

The person who knows Italy like the back of their had,  the guru everyone wants in their corner - and who the wise travelers actually have.

Consider us that local friend, and consider your questions answered.


Have you ever struggled to stay on track when two people were talking to you at the same time - or even just filtering out nearby conversations? 

save your


Or perhaps you understand all too well that nagging feeling of doubt when you're caught between two (or more) very strong, but opposing opinions.

It's no wonder then that you feel overwhelmed when processing the hundreds - if not thousands - of unique pieces of content from online forums or search engine results. 

Not to mention endless suggestions from well-meaning (but far from expert) friends.

Don't assume this is your only option when planning your own travel just because we live in an age of information overload.


With us, you have one clear, prepared, friendly, and dedicated voice to have a conversation with.


Your vacation may be set for a date in the future, but feeling like you're on vacation can start right now.


Start Wherever You Are

We've carefully crafted a questionnaire to capture exactly where you are in your travel planning - even if you're not sure where it is!

There's plenty of space and opportunities to give details and ask questions, and we really encourage both!

The more we know, the more we can help - and the sooner you share, the faster we can offer that help to you!

let's get started! 

We take our time and carefully go through every single detail - and question! - you’ve submitted.

We’ll follow up with you if we need any clarification or additional details so we can ensure our services are the perfect match for your needs.

Best part: there is no cost for this review!

Initial Expert Review

Say No More, I'm Interested!

you're  invited! 

You’ve given us everything you have - now it’s our turn to do the same!

Once we see your name on our calendar, we get right to the tailored research necessary for your trip.

Rest assured, even when it’s quiet on our end, we’re working on your behalf!

Private Consultation Prep

Invitation to Work With An ITD Expert

This is the email you’ve been waiting for - the one that tells you our consulting services are a perfect match for your needs and an invitation to move forward.

You’ll make your deposit and schedule your first, hour long consultation
at the best day and time for you.

We even give you full access to our private calendar for maximum options and convenience!

 Love The Sound of This!

Your Initial Consultation 

This 60 minute call is a game changer! As far as we’re concerned, you are the only client in the world to us during this hour.

We’ll turn your confusion into clarity, your questions into answers, and your anxiety into excitement.

We don’t just provide answers and information on a day-by-day basis. That kind of feedback is extremely limiting.

Instead, we address the daily plans while always keeping the larger context of your trip in mind. That’s the kind of expertise that sets us apart.

By the end of this call, you’ll have crystal clear next steps to take on your own - until you're ready to meet again!

let's chat about italy!

let's go! 

The next steps are yours to take.

As you navigate additional independent research, reservations, bookings, etc. know that we’re here and happy to help however you need.

The truth is, sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

 So it’s nice to count on a friendly, dedicated, and lightning-quick expert among the people you do know as you figure out your perfect trip.

Reach out to us when you need us - either in our collaborative workspace or on the phone - and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Rest assured: you’re in control - and we’re in your corner.

What kind of help can we give you?

Just a little bit of help

A small investment +  2 hours of direct access to a dedicated expert can make a big difference! 

At least to start... 

the itd #1 pick

Our top recommendation

 5 hours of expert-guided planning can transform any trip - and empower the planner.

extra support

Always available!

A one-off 60 minutes you can book any time, as many times, and for whatever reasons you want!




Turning your questions into answers

Here are just a few - we repeat a FEW - of the most common questions we can answer for you, no matter when or where you're traveling.

train travel

"Does it make more sense to leave and come back early?  Or go later and come back in the evening?" 

"I don't understand what we're supposed to do with our luggage.  Can we keep it with us?  Do we stow it?  Do we pay to check it like a plane?" 

"Is it possible to reserve seats so that we can all sit together?   What if someone gets sick going backwards?  Can we avoid that?" 

"Is it true that you can get a huge fine if you don't validate your train ticket before boarding?" 

(Short answer to this for free: Yes!  In many - but not all - cases!)


"I can't figure out which train station we should be going into.  It looks like there are a few in the city but the lines look different..." 

Sound familiar?



"We want to see and do it on earth do we decide?!"  

tours & activites

"How much time is enough in each place we want to visit - and how much is too much?  We don't want to be rushed, but we don't want to be bored either..."

"We definitely want a private guide for some of the time.  How do we know which places we should tour on our own and where we should invest in that kind of service?" 

"These cheap group tours are tempting.  What are the pros and cons of just going with a large group vs. doing our own thing or hiring a private guide?" 

"Which destinations are best for "free" days where we have nothing scheduled and can easily just wander around?"

Wondering the same things?



"The star system doesn't seem to make any sense!   We want a good do we figure this out?" 

"I can't understand the hotel's reply to my email.  I've tried asking a different way, but they just keep repeating themselves and it's going nowhere."

"Our friends  loved their hotel last year, but we're not sure it makes sense for how we're dividing our time between being in the city and traveling for day trips...."


"Should we stick with a traditional hotel or is it better to do an AirBnB, VRBO, or Homeway?"

Have these or similar questions?



"We're traveling with kids and have a lot to coordinate...I don't even know where to start! Help!"

special considerations

"We have both dietary restrictions and a traveler with some physical limitations.  The challenges seem endless, but our friend said you could help..."

"We are celebrating [anniversary (graduation/engagement/honeymoon/
retirement.]  How do we find the special things we'll never forget?"

"We are super interested in [insert your choice of passion, professional or personal interest here] and would love to incorporate it in our travels.  Can you help?"

"Our family is from a small town in Italy and we'd love to go back and see it... but we have no idea how and have heard it's really hard to do."

Need something special?



1) have completely read the itinerary overview for the trip(s) you are interested in

2) are comfortable with the per person price listed 


3) understand that our trips are entirely private (no big buses or groups of strangers)

There's just no reason to do this alone.   

Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon!