Those who enjoy the challenge - and reward! -  of large, complicated projects, such as
planning international travel

Travelers who want a seamless experience at a modest budget 

Those whose travels include the following aspects:

Absolutely perfect for...

first visit to

multiple destinations

extensive logistics

Large & Hybrid Groups

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special celebrations

heritage & ancestry travel

merging itineraries

Heritage & Ancestry Travel

The DIY Travel Planner's Best Friend

Expert Led Consulting
& Co-Planning 


Our Expert-Led Consulting and Co-Planning is designed specifically for those who want to take the lead in their own travel plans.

With maximum flexibility, we come alongside you to ensure that every part of the process has been properly completed and offer tailored support and answers to your questions along the way.

Starting with your overall scope, we help you prioritize and navigate the complexities that each unique destination in Italy brings - as well as the logistics that tie the whole trip together.

Ultimately you should feel prepared and excited to begin enjoying the experience you’ve so carefully crafted.

The effortless journey begins below...

Design your dream trip to Italy

"Before meeting with Liana, the task of planning this long awaited trip was becoming overwhelming for me with our family of 7.

She broke down our needs and desires and with her excellent communication skills and was able to give us an itinerary that was manageable and enjoyable.

 Liana was there to assist me in all my questions and concerns. Everything was top notch and gave us a trip all of us will never forget."

- jacquie m.

"Liana navigated our consultation very well, especially with the many people involved.

She gave us the right amount of options for our group and everyone was very happy with what they chose to include.

In all, she was very easy to work with and all three generations of travelers enjoyed some kind of experience that was personalized for them which was a nice touch. "

- sean & diana d.

"Absolutely a pleasure working with Liana. Incredible how much work she was able to do for us so quickly. A true expert. We loved everything." 

- elise w.