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Custom Travel Design Process

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All custom itinerary design begins with a complimentary 15 minute chat to better  understand your travel needs and preferences.   If we determine that our services  are a good match for your requests, we will send you our free Initial Planner as an official invitation to move forward.

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Getting to know you...

Understanding your dream trip...

Our Initial Planner is a comprehensive and carefully designed questionnaire in  which you share the details of your desired trip. We welcome as much  information and as many questions as you have at this point so we can  
understand exactly what "Italy, Designed for You" looks like.

discover all the possibilities

Exchanging expertise & ideas...

In this dual discovery session, we share our ideas for your itinerary - either in a day by day format, or related to each destination you want to visit.  We highly encourage your feedback and carefully reflect on and incorporate every last detail as we move forward.  
This exciting session lasts 60 minutes.  The cost is $280.00 and acts as your first deposit, applied in full against the final balance of the trip.

relax while we design just for you

Crafting your dreams, day by day...

As soon as you're ready, we begin to draft your  one-of-a kind itinerary, according to the information  submitted on your Initial Planner and discussed during the Initial Consultation.   This overview serves as your first look at your upcoming trip.    All that's required to begin this stage is a small $500.00 per person deposit, which again, is applied in  full against the total trip cost.

review your dream come true

Ensuring satisfaction from start to finish...

Before you know it, it's time to present a gorgeous, full color, easy to navigate day by day format of your itinerary, starting with your departing flight and including every element after.   You also receive a comprehensive, detailed quote guaranteed to be in line with your proposed budget, as well as any additional options you may want to consider.

Your second hour length call with an expert is scheduled at your convenience to review this itinerary in as much detail as you desire.  Once again, your feedback is welcome as are any requests for modification.  Your next payment on the trip is your indication to us that it's time to finalize these amazing plans! 

enjoy full service finalization

Taking care of every part of perfectly planned travel...

As the last step, you will receive a Final Proposal containing your updated Itinerary  and summary of payments. You will also receive a complimentary travel insurance quote.  A simple electronic signature is all that is needed to accept and finalize your part of this incredible custom itinerary design process.

And while you know that there's so much to do to ensure your travel experience is perfectly seamless, effortlessly enjoyable, and utterly can rest assured that none of that now rests on your shoulders.  We will handle each and every aspect for you:  bookings, all reservations, all pre-paid payments, and the list goes on! 

access our expertise as you need

Offering unheard of access to true Italian travel specialists...

Once payment has been made in full, you will receive access to our extensive Resource Library.  This incredible collection of articles written by our founder and leading Italian travel expert, Liana Campanella, covers everything from currency exchange to cultural norms to packing tips.  It is available exclusively to our custom planning clients and serves to prepare even the savviest of travelers! 

Prior to departure, we welcome you to schedule a fourth 60 minute call to review any last minute questions you may have about anything at all: part of your  itinerary or the broader scope of your overall travels.  You are not required to schedule this call, but we certainly want to offer everything we can to ensure you are comfortable, confident, and most of all, truly excited to begin your trip of a lifetime! 

And what about that third, full hour of time we've built in for you? 

Schedule it as you need it, if you need it.  Many of our clients don't - simply because they feel so well prepared along the way with all of our personalized attention and resources.  Still, it's there if you need it and can be applied via e-mails or phone calls to discuss anything you have questions about once the itinerary has been accepted.

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