reflections on travel dreams come true


“The trip of a lifetime”, is the phase that we use repeatedly when our group shares our incredible, wonderful trip to Italy. Italiana Travel Design's attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the trip. During the planning stages, they took pains to understand our desires. They also made us aware of other options that we didn’t know existed.

In the past, when I have traveled with predetermined tours, I have settled for ones that came close to what I wanted. This trip was tailored to us personally. Our group of eight was treated to several experiences, that we didn’t even know were possible. For the price, I couldn’t imagine the exceptional service that we received.

Traveling from Venice to San Giovanni Rotando (Puglia), with stops to different cities, was seamless because of the arrangements coordinated by Italiana Travel Design. We flew into Venice. Drivers were there to meet us and accompany us to the water taxi. We were met by a guide who escorted us to our hotel.

All of our hotels were centrally located, which allowed us to maximize our time in each locale. All of our drivers and guides were very personable and most accommodating. Wherever we went someone was waiting for our arrival. Our only task was to enjoy ourselves. They arranged for others to take care of our needs.

Several of the side trips that were suggested by Italiana Travel Design and our guides were amazing….out of the way places that we would never have found. We had a wonderful balance of planned activity and times of a slower place.

All because Liana  cautioned us when we were planning very strenuous days. When the time came, we were very thankful that we followed their suggestions.

Oh, I must mention the meals that Italiana Travel Design arranged for us. Superb!! On the whole, the restaurants were small, usually family owned. It was obvious that everything was made fresh, in the kitchen. The local produce and seafood dishes were mouth watering. Our trip was in the fall…wonderful eggplant parmigiana, pumpkin ravioli, roasted fresh vegetables, incredible breads, pasta dishes, cheese, desserts (which of course included tiramisu). Everyone in our group agreed that the food was outstanding. It seemed that each establishment had the same goal: to make their particular meal our most memorable. My friends also enjoyed the wines that had been arranged, There were many toasts made during the meals. If I lived in Italy, I fear that cappuccino would become a vice. Mmmmm…

It all started when I told my friend Linda that I was planning a trip to Italy. I made the remark that I wished I could visit some areas, but I couldn’t because I had no idea how it could be possible. Linda proceeded to tell me that not only was it possible, but easy. She said that all I needed to do was to contact Liana at Italiana Travel Design.  Linda then told me that Liana had arranged for several excursions while Linda was in Italy with her family and friends. I am soooo thankful that Linda told me about Italiana Travel Design.  

I made the call and the rest is history. We are most grateful to Italiana Travel Design and to all those who made our visit to Italy such a memorable experience. We were truly blessed to be in such good hands. When working with Liana, I wasn’t treated like a client…more like a treasured friend.

I will definitely share Italiana Travel Design and Liana’s information with anyone who mentions Italy. Just thinking of her and our trip fills me with Peace & Joy.


Donna & Friends


Nota Bene:  This one is long, but worth the read if you really want to know what a custom trip is like!  

Patrice & Hank 

"I must tell you that our trip was the best we ever have taken. Thank you!!

 Your efforts in Rome were exceptional. 

You have a fabulous ability to connect people with great adventures and we thank you and look forward to returning to Italy." 

Words can’t express the overall experience well enough for us.

 The stress of travel and planning a trip like ours was totally removed with the help of Italiana Travel Design. We had never been to Italy and were not sure what to expect since our trip was so involved.

Every day’s plan went off without a hitch and we enjoyed every minute with everyone we met. 

We loved visiting Montalcino and Montepulciano, walking through the small streets and touring the wine caves – and don’t forget all of the wine tastings!

All of our amazing tour guides and especially the Accademia Gallery tour with Sasha to see David and Uffizi tour with Nicholas. 

Our drivers were amazing, prompt and kept us safe.   What a relaxing way to travel.
It was like a dream, not having to worry about directions and traffic.

Last but not least, our fabulous and very entertaining Roman Dinner Party. We loved every minute and the food was delicious. We recommend that anyone going to Rome needs to try it. 


Joe & June

"What a relaxing way to travel. 

It was like a dream..."

"Every day's plan went off without a hitch
we enjoyed every minute with everyone we met." 

How we want to go back! It really was a wonderful experience.

Your fine tuning, your ability to find such good guides to make us always feel comfortable – not just with their knowledge, but offering to help us find restaurants and get the most out of two or three hours in one place – just perfect!

Some highlights...

Walking through St. Mark’s Square to Rialto Bridge with our colored boots on, sloshing around during the “high water.” Venice was great with small churches like San Zaccaria, where we found out that the sarcophagus of St. Anthanasius was stolen and brought to Venice to help cement its importance. A memorable church – small and full of beauty and history.

Living in Lucca for a week – having our guide show us the hidden gems, the bakery we went to almost daily, walking the iconic wall around the city. Lucca is a feast for the senses! 

Linda, Rusty,
Mary Ann, & Scott 

"Your fine tuning, your ability to find such good guides to make us always feel  comfortable...offering to help us...get the most out of two or three hours in one place - just perfect!" 

Spending two whole days with our fabulous guide who picked us up in Lucca and drove us to Cinque Terre, answering a million questions on the way. Having lunch with a delectable wine overlooking the water with two of your best friends was phenomenal.

Going to Siena and San Gimignano were breathtaking…the medieval towers, the Piazza del Campo where the Palio races are held and most especially, a winery where we could have lunch and sip the nectar of the gods that was built unknowingly over an underground chapel – they found it when they were excavating!

Rome – Seeing the underground and actually standing in a 10 by 10 foot space where a 1st century family might have stood and raise their family. My body shivered to think that I was treading on the same ground. We moved through the centuries in being able to “see” what were the clues left of life in those eras.

The dinner with Barbara and her family and 8 or so other folks that we met from all over the world. They were all so warm and friendly and after great food and wine, lots of interesting conversation ensued! They also remembered it was Rusty's birthday and presented him with flowers.