Enjoy an escape to the unparalleled beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

With experts waiting along every curve to reveal the culinary, cultural, historical, and panoramic treasures of this unique coastline, this entirely private 10 day adventure is without a doubt, the best way to explore the region.

From the top of Mt. Vesuvius to your very own boat circling Capri, every moment is carefully curated for your enjoyment. 

Whether this is your first time or a highly anticipated return, you have never seen the Amalfi Coast and its exquisite surroundings like this - or had so many options to choose from to tailor it specifically to the vacation of your dreams. 

Amazing Amalfi

You will be waking up and drifting off to sleep in stunning Sorrento as you visit this breathtaking part of Italy!* 

Home Away From Home

* Other towns can be arranged through customization, should you prefer.

Amazing Amalfi

With Italiana Travel Design, "private" means private.    Click here to read more, with helpful examples.

What do we mean by "private"?

Private Tours & Activities 

How do these tours and activities work?

These private tours are your invitation to explore each unique city in the way that appeals most to you.   You are the VIP on this trip, and you will certainly feel like it during each and every one of these.

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Throughout this itinerary, you will enjoy the following VIP private experiences 

Coasts & Capri 

Enjoy the service of a full day boat tour, taking you round trip between Sorrento and the Isle of Capri!

The Sorrentine Kitchen

Ancient & Natural Wonders 

With the services of your private driver picking you up and dropping you off at your hotel today, you are responsible for nothing more than enjoying yourselves to the absolute max in both of your main destinations today.

First, explore the world renowned ruins of Pompeii with the help of a passionate, expert local guide who is able to tailor your two hours in these vast and impressive ruins to exactly what interests you most.

Then, it's on to the one and only Mt. Vesuvius where you can choose to stay at our proposed vantage point for the best views and pictures .  Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can continue hiking higher towards the crater, while your driver waits as long as you choose.

Of course a break for lunch - and great suggestions - are included as well!  A pop into Naples could also be arranged if you're interested in sampling some of its famed street food!

The boat is yours for the day and the schedule is completely yours to decide. Stay on board and soak up the sun, swim in the stunning blue waters, change into dry clothes in the on-board changing room and then set off to explore the luxurious town of Capri itself.   Or, do it all in reverse!

There is a delightful array of local specialties and drinks on board and your skipper knows exactly where to go if some time at a private, locals-only beach is high on your list of things to do!

If the weather allows, it would be his pleasure (and our very high recommendation!) to take you to visit the Blue Grotto as well.   No doubt it would be a highlight. 

To ensure everything today is as easy and enjoyable as possible, you will have private transfers between your hotel and the harbor at the start and end of this day.    The very definition of effortless enjoyment. 

Leave the tourists in the restaurants today while you join our friend in her incredible kitchen! 

First, visit the family run farm at this agriturismo where you will harvest the bounty of the land to then incorporate into your five delicious dishes. 

The perfect balance of activity and leisure, ideal for novices and experienced cooks alike...

Today ends with a delicious meal in the company of new friends, and includes private roundtrip transportation between this secluded hilltop gem and the city center.

Amalfi Adventures 

exploring the charming smaller villages such as Praino and Minori...

or diving deep into local life in the hidden gems that only locals like our guides and drivers have access to...

this day is entirely yours to decide how to make the most of visiting the Amalfi Coast.

There are truly endless options to personalize and customize this day, with a private driver at your service for a minimum of eight hours, starting and ending as always, at your hotel entrance. 

Vines & Vistas 

Today you will visit the vineyards, explore the cellars, and pull a chair up to the table at  a family-run vineyard that produces excellent local IGT and DOC wines.

After learning a bit about the varietals, terrain, history, and production,  both a wine tasting and a perfectly wine-paired  lunch of local specialties await. 

Private round trip transportation is included to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable ride and also to allow you a free afternoon in the lush, verdant village of Ravello where sprawling gardens, charming piazzas, and panoramic views are a further invitation to indulge your senses today.

Timeless Tastes & Treasures

A true adventure awaits you today as you venture southeast along the Tyrrhenian Sea to your first highlight of the day: Paestum. 

Your private guide will bring history to life right before your eyes as you explore the mesmerizing archaeological park of Paestum that boats three of the most well preserved ancient Greek temples  and some of the oldest art in the entire world.

After working up an appetite, you will continue to a beyond-organic farm to learn about and savor some of the most exquisite mozzarella di bufala in the world.  That is no exaggeration.  It is truly unlike anything you will ever be able to taste in the United States and a very special opportunity to take part in this heritage.

As with all of your day trips, your day begins and ends at your hotel with your friendly, knowledgeable local driver - who will also remain at your service throughout the entire day.

Whether you choose to spend the day strolling through the better known towns of this famous coastline, such as Positano and Amalfi...

Every Select Portfolio Collection itinerary is able to be further customized to your personal tastes, preferences, and interests.   

Here are just a few of the endless options we can offer through our hand-selected network in this region.

Visit additional local producers, such as a lemon farm that produces limoncello or a family of traditional Southern Italiana pasta makers

Hike the Path of the Gods with the ultimate convenience and comfort at the start and end 

Spend an entire day exclusively devoted to dodging the crowds and visiting small fishing villages and hill towns of the coast 

Venture into Naples for a historical and culinary tour not soon to be forgotten 

Swap a tour of Pompeii for Herculaneum 

Many, many more

Options & Upgrades

Italiana Travel Design is happy to make hotel arrangements for you.  We are also happy to work with you if you prefer an alternate accommodation option, such as  private vacation rental (i.e. AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) or to stay with your friends or family.   

We believe everyone should travel as they truly prefer.

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Transfers & Transportation

As with all Italiana Travel Design itineraries, private transfers or transfer support are included upon arrival and departure. 

All additional transportation in this itinerary is provided by a private driver or skipper.

Our 10 day Amazing Amalfi Itinerary starts at $6,420.00 per person, including accommodation.

Dates & Availability

Italiana Travel Design does not have set departure dates or blackout dates.

While each individual experience is subject to availability, a full length itinerary is always possible for your preferred dates, including during major holidays. 

Total Travel Days

This itinerary has been designed for a total of 10 days in Italy.  Your first day will be your day of arrival and your last, your day of departure.  Two fully free days are typically included in this itinerary design.

Combination & Customization

Selected days from this itinerary are able to be combined with selected days from other Select Portfolio Collection itineraries.  For those looking for a three week trip or more, the entire itinerary can be combined with another entire itinerary.

The inclusion of two free days and the overall flexible nature of the majority of the itinerary inclusions also allow for unique customizations, should you be interested in one or more.