This is your chance to visit Venice and her surroundings as the one and only "Queen of the Adriatic" deserves.

In addition to her splendid palaces and basilicas, your time spent on the canals, in markets, and artisan's studios will truly help to stem the tide of overtourism in such a unique city.   

Several perfect, carefully selected day trips round out this exclusive invitation for meaningful travel.

Northeastern Splendor

The breathtaking city of Venice will be your new home away from home for this adventure.

Explore the calming canals, inviting alleys, tranquil piazzas, and wide array of artistic and architectural gems to your heart's content.

Home Away From Home

With Italiana Travel Design, "private" means private.   

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What do we mean by "private"?

Private Tours & Activities 

How do these tours and activities work?

These private tours are your invitation to explore each unique city in the way that appeals most to you.   You are the VIP on this trip, and you will certainly feel like it during each and every one of these.

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Throughout this itinerary, you will enjoy the following VIP private experiences 

Venice By Land and Sea

Escape to the Islands

Perfect Padua 

Venture beyond the city limits today and visit the charming, canal-lined city of Padua.  A quick train ride connects the two and your friendly, local guide will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive.  

This fun filled day is a perfect balance of cultural, artistic, and spiritual highlights - and of course, plenty of excellent food and wine that is unique to this region of the Veneto.   

Among the anticipated highlights are a visit to the world-renowned masterpieces housed within the Scrovegni Chapel, the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, as well as a stroll through some of the most important and interesting piazzas of this town. 

Arranged in collaboration with a passionate food and wine lover, you will be taking several breaks throughout the day to try everything from a quick coffee and gelato to a full traditional lunch in a typical trattoria.   This is a day trip as easy as it is enjoyable and we're sure you'll be returning to Venice with only the best memories this evening.

Each of the islands in the Venetian lagoon offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

You can choose to visit Murano and learn about the glassblowing and glass art traditions from verified masters in an intimate setting.  You even have the opportunity to try your own hand at this complex but rewarding craft.

You could choose instead to visit the island of Burano with its brightly colored houses, learning about the traditional fishing culture and this island's rich, lace-making history while walking among its cheerful canals. 

The peaceful garden island of Torcello is another great alternative.  Whichever you choose, your expert local guide will ensure this day out on the lagoon is one to treasure forever. 

Venice truly is a city unlike any other, and with your incredibly knowledgeable and passionate local guide, you will see some of her many highlights as well as more than a few of the hidden gems this city boasts!

The first part of today's tour will begin with a stroll through the heart of the city, including St. Mark's Square and Basilica. The second will continue with an hour on a private boat, allowing you to get to know Venice as the Venetians know it best - from the water!

The private nature of the tour means that you are fully in control of exactly what you would like to see and do with your local expert by your side. This allows for both first time and return visitors to have their interests perfectly incorporated.

This is an ideal introduction to a one-of-a-kind city and designed to effortlessly inform the remainder of your stay.

Lovely Lake Garda 

Today's destination is the one and only Lake Garda - and the entire day is yours to decide!  

With the services of your very own private driver picking you up and dropping you off in Venice, you can focus all of your time and energy on enjoying rather than navigating.   

Among our top suggestions for a showstopping day  is  the town  of Sirmione that boasts everything from lakeside ancient Roman ruins to a stunning medieval castle.    A visit to a local olive grove and mill is a perfect compliment, allowing you to explore the unique environment in which some of Italy's award winning olive oil comes from.   

You also have the options to either ferry around  the lake at your leisure, to have your driver bring you to one of Italy's most beautiful small towns of the region for an unforgettable lunch, or to shorten your time on the lake in order to visit the charming town of Verona on your return to Venice.  With one option better than the next, you simply cannot go wrong! 

Venice Food Adventures

Start this day  among the bustling stalls of the Rialto Market.  Just steps away from the famous bridge with the same name, this market has its own fame and it won't take you long to see why.

Join the locals in their morning shopping  and learn all about the fresh produce and products that are available according to the season you are visiting.  You are bound to discover some new foods or preparations of them as your private guide helps you carefully select the best of the best to work with today.

Then it's time to get to work!  With your friendly local chef, you'll learn how to make several delicious dishes - always including fresh pasta or risotto.  You are in Italy, after all!

Celebrate your hard work by digging into the feast you have helped prepare.  You will also have the  privilege of enjoying two excellent regional wines selected by a certified sommelier specifically to compliment the particular menu of the day.  

In addition to the memories and skills, you'll also receive the recipes so that you can replicate these tasty dishes at home!

Tasting the Verdant Veneto 

Another delicious adventure awaits you today in the verdant hills and valleys of the enchanting Veneto region.   

With the services of a private driver, your journey through the gorgeous countryside will be seamlessly peppered (pun intended!) with very special visits.

Among them is a small, family-run dairy farm where you will be able to try a variety of artisanal, traditional cheeses.  The season you visit will play a defining role in the selection you find on the tasting board, but you can expect a range of cheeses, from fresh to aged, all with incredible flavor that is reflective of this northern region.

A vineyard producing exquisite local wines simply cannot be missed, as we truly believe savoring wines in their own terroir affords a special taste not replicable anywhere else.  You must take advantage of the opportunity and we make it so easy to do so!

And of course, despite all the tasting you will be doing, we must include time to gather around the table at  a trattoria super popular with  the locals.  Here  you can try some of the best cuisine of the region that you will notice is remarkably different from what you have enjoyed in the other cities. 

Just like our city based walking tours, these day trips are entirely private.

 With a private driver at your service all day & local experts waiting to meet you in each new destination.   
Most day trips take place over the course of anywhere from 6-12 hours, starting and ending at the door of your hotel.

 Nothing to navigate, nothing to worry about.  Just pure comfort and convenience from start to finish.

Every Select Portfolio Collection itinerary is able to be further customized to your personal tastes, preferences, and interests.   

Here are just a few of the endless options we can offer through our hand-selected network in this region.

Visit the workshops and meet the artisans of traditional Venetian crafts, such as Carnevale costume and  masks  or world renowned silks 

Learn to row a traditional boat in the canals of Venice

Explore the gorgeous lakes and small towns of the Dolomites 

Stroll through history and legend in romantic, medieval Verona

Explore the workshops of traditional gondola craftsmen for a close up view of one of the most iconic boats in the world

Options & Upgrades

Italiana Travel Design is happy to make hotel arrangements for you.  We are also happy to work with you if you prefer an alternate accommodation option, such as  private vacation rental (i.e. AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) or to stay with your friends or family.   

We believe everyone should travel as they truly prefer.

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Transfers & Transportation

As with all Italiana Travel Design itineraries, private transfers or transfer support are included upon arrival and departure. 

All additional transportation in this itinerary is provided by a private driver, except for the very short train ride between Venice and Padova.

Our 10 day Northeastern Splendor Itinerary starts at $5,980.00 per person, including accommodation.

Dates & Availability

Italiana Travel Design does not have set departure dates or blackout dates.

While each individual experience is subject to availability, a full length itinerary is always possible for your preferred dates, including during major holidays. 

Total Travel Days

This itinerary has been designed for a total of 10 days in Italy.  Your first day will be your day of arrival and your last, your day of departure.  Two fully free days are typically included in this itinerary design.

Combination & Customization

Selected days from this itinerary are able to be combined with selected days from other Select Portfolio Collection itineraries.  For those looking for a three week trip or more, the entire itinerary can be combined with another entire itinerary.

The inclusion of two free days and the overall flexible nature of the majority of the itinerary inclusions also allow for unique customizations, should you be interested in one or more.