Treat yourself to a sun-soaked adventure, strolling through white washed towns, sailing along sparkling seas, meandering among rambling masserie, pre-Roman civilizations, and fairy tale trulli.

Throughout it all, you will be enjoying the abundance of the lands known as the "Garden of Italy" in a myriad of delicious ways. 

This itinerary is a true feast for your senses and our expertise affords you an opportunity to enjoy every moment in a private, personalized way.

Perfectly Puglia

Perfectly Puglia

You will be staying in the beautiful town of Ostuni, also known as "The White City." 

At every moment of the day and night this incredible town sparkles, glows, or radiates in shades of white, providing a perfect backdrop for the colorful moments to be enjoyed here.

Home Away From Home

With Italiana Travel Design, "private" means private.   

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What do we mean by "private"?

Private Tours & Activities 

How do these tours and activities work?

These private tours are your invitation to explore each unique city in the way that appeals most to you.   You are the VIP on this trip, and you will certainly feel like it during each and every one of these.

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Throughout this itinerary, you will enjoy the following VIP private experiences 

Coastal Charm

Less than an hour from Ostuni, today's destination is the incredible whitewashed, seaside town of Polignano a Mare.  Romantic for couples, inspiring for creatives, restorative for the busy, and fun for families, we've yet to meet anyone who hasn't fallen head over heels for Polignano.

The Enchanting
Valle D'Itria

Mezmerizing Matera

Today's adventure actually brings you just beyond the border of Puglia into the neighboring region of Basilicata to visit the other-wordly sassi of Matera.  

Chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2019, Matera has been a favorite destination of ours for years, offering raw natural beauty, fascinating structures, eye opening stories of struggle coupled with inspiring stories of survival and ingenuity, and plenty of mystery, too!

With your local guide by your side, the labyrinth of streets, alleys, and staircases becomes your personal playground.  When you take breaks throughout your time here, the one of a kind delicacies from this region are sure to tantalize your palette. 

You also have the option to extend the day by visiting another important town in the Basilicata region.  In Altamura, you can taste a traditional bread so special that it is actually the only DOP bread in the entire country.

As always, your private round trip transfers ensure that a day of such grand exploration is effortless to enjoy, providing comfort and convenience from start to finish.

With your private driver picking you up at your hotel in the morning, there is nothing more to do than enjoy the day from the first moment.  A private boat ride along the coast will afford you an entirely different set of stunning views, and a private tour of the town will reveal some true treasures as well as great locals only insight for your free time there. 

A traditional lunch can be arranged in town or a vineyard visit and wine tasting on your return to Ostuni.   As always, that return is with a private driver who will gladly bring you right to the door of your hotel. 

Perhaps no architectural style is more famous in the Puglia region that the fairy-tale like, cone shaped houses known as trulli.     After learning a bit of the history and being able to visit several traditional trulli  both inside and out, you will continue on to the surrounding countryside to see some trulli  "in the wild!"

We've planned for you to spend your lunch time and a lazy afternoon in a second very special place in the Valle D'Itria - a truly unique and endlessly charming town that dates back to 1000 AD.   In fact, it is one of the towns that boasts the highly coveted "Most Beautiful Towns in Italy" award.   It takes just an instant within its walls to see why!

Incredible regional wines and local culinary specialties can be enjoyed here, whether you prefer for that to be officially planned in advance or happened upon at your leisure.  Your local driver and guide are more than happy to help you experience the best of the area to the extent that you desire. 

Gorgeous Grottaglie

Here we ensure that you have the most interesting and authentic experience by avoiding the larger factories catering to large tour groups.  Instead, you will visit small, family run artisanal enterprises where you can actually engage with the ceramic experts.  You even have the option of trying your hand at this local style of ceramics if you like!

Beyond the artisanal heritage, this region of Puglia is famous for several incredible grape varietals and an assortment of regional foods not found elsewhere.  Whether you prefer tasting grapes or wine, fresh or fried foods, your opportunities to indulge your senses today are practically endless. 

With your private driver at your service from pick up to drop off, your schedule today is as flexible as possible.  Spend as much or as little time as you like at each stop.  After all, this vacation is all about you!

Cooking with  Locals 

Orichiette pasta...

Pizzette with fresh cherry tomatoes...

Taralli, sweet or savory...

The cuisine of the region of Puglia is an absolute art.  Their traditional cucina povera always highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple cooking methods.   This is the perfect place to pick up some new recipes and techniques to easily be replicated when you are back home. 

A wide variety of cooking experiences are available that range from fun and informal to truly unique for the skilled and adventurous cook.  Whichever you choose, prepare for a day of unparalleled fun and deliciousness! 

Countryside Delights

Today is all about exploring the small towns and charming heritage of the countryside just outside of Ostuni.

Your first stop of the day is to a masseria that produces some of the best olive oil in all of Italy.  You will learn about the masseria culture and traditions, while touring underground cellars, a small chapel, and an ancient olive grove whose gnarled trunks and silvery leaves are still producing fruit after millennia. 

A guided olive oil tasting is next so that you can learn how to properly prepare, taste, and assess a variety of olive oils - not only today, but long after. 

After your time in the serene olive groves,  continue on to a breathtakingly beautiful town nearby.  This town is famous for a variety of culinary treasures including a prized selection of local wines,  as well as stunning scenery and fascinating history.  While this town is slowly making its way onto the maps of travelers, only a select few are able to see the truly hidden gems that we have the (literal) keys to!

The ceramic legacy of Grottaglie is practically unmatched in Italy, and the gorgeous town's history is equally as fascinating if not more.  

Every Select Portfolio Collection itinerary is able to be further customized to your personal tastes, preferences, and interests.   

Here are just a few of the endless options we can offer through our hand-selected network in this region.

Visit the stunningly beautiful Baroque town of Lecce to the south 

Spend a day in the life of a local - enjoying some of the best food in the region in a totally tourist-free town

Adventure through over 1.5 miles of some of the world’s most spectacular underground caverns 

Uncover underground chapels and pre-Roman ruins in addition to sampling some of the best wines of a unique corner of Puglia

Options & Upgrades

Italiana Travel Design is happy to make hotel arrangements for you.  We are also happy to work with you if you prefer an alternate accommodation option, such as  private vacation rental (i.e. AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) or to stay with your friends or family.   

We believe everyone should travel as they truly prefer.

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Transfers & Transportation

As with all Italiana Travel Design itineraries, private transfers or transfer support are included upon arrival and departure. 

All additional transportation in this itinerary is provided by a private driver or skipper.

Our 10 day Perfect Puglia Itinerary starts at $5,890.00 per person, including accommodation.

Dates & Availability

Italiana Travel Design does not have set departure dates or blackout dates.

While each individual experience is subject to availability, a full length itinerary is always possible for your preferred dates, including during major holidays. 

Total Travel Days

This itinerary has been designed for a total of 10 days in Italy.  Your first day will be your day of arrival and your last, your day of departure.  Two fully free days are typically included in this itinerary design.

Combination & Customization

Selected days from this itinerary are able to be combined with selected days from other Select Portfolio Collection itineraries.  For those looking for a three week trip or more, the entire itinerary can be combined with another entire itinerary.

The inclusion of two free days and the overall flexible nature of the majority of the itinerary inclusions also allow for unique customizations, should you be interested in one or more.