There is no place like the Eternal City.  In fact, in Italian we have a saying: "Roma, una vita non basta" which translates to,"Rome, a lifetime is not enough." 

And while this is certainly true, we have lived in, worked with, and deeply loved this city for nearly two decades.   

So while it may not be possible to see everything in Rome, we are confident that by allowing you exclusive access to our top local experts and experiences and combining that access with maximum flexibility, that your time in Rome will not only be all that you hope for - it will be much, much more. 

Roman Holidays

There's no place like Rome - and that is exactly why you will be greeting the mornings with the activity in the piazzas and winding down your evenings strolling along the Tiber.

Home Away From Home

With Italiana Travel Design, "private" means private.    Click here to read more, with helpful examples.

What do we mean by "private"?

Private Tours & Activities 

How do these tours and activities work?

You are completely in control of which tours, activities,  and experiences you enjoy throughout your time in Rome. 
We essentially provide a menu of what is available and invite you to choose which options appeal to you most.

Let's get started! 

Throughout this itinerary, you are invited to choose from the following:

The Cultured Highlights

Remember that all of these options are entirely private, and as such, can be tailored to your personal interests and preferences in a future step!  All  tours are three hours long and include advanced reservation, skip-the-line tickets (a must in Rome!)

Whether you consider yourself an adventurous foodie, a total novice, or a curious cook, we have just the delicious option for you!  

Please note that all of these options are semi-private, meaning that they are limited to a small group of people that must book ahead.  No large groups or off-the-street distractions or delays.  That said, each can be upgraded to an entirely private experience if you like.

The Vatican, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica

the colosseum, roman forum & ancient roman highlights

villa borghese: the galleria & gardens

custom walking tour - anywhere within the city walls

A real roman food crawl

rome's sweet buzz

zero kilometer cooking class 

learn & love your italian wines

Join a friendly local foodie for non-stop tastings of all things Roman from street food to artisanal products to a multi-course meal!   Rome is city that thrives on tourism - which means you do need to have an insider's eye when choosing which of its many eye-pleasing options are also truly authentic and the highest quality.   This tour is dedicated to making sure every bite and sip you have after is exactly that! (about 3-4 hours)

Novices and experiences chefs alike are welcome to learn all about Rome's intriguing culinary history while being guided through the preparation and execution of multiple courses with a chef as hilarious and welcoming as he is talented and experienced.  This class is dedicated to "zero kilometer cooking" - showing off the bounty of the land just beyond the walls of Rome - in a super 'eat local' concept that has been thriving beautifully for millennia here.  (about 5 hours)

The best introduction you can ask for to the wide, wide world of Italian wines.  Led by a super friendly and highly accomplished sommelier with an international resume, this experience feels most like having a great time in a friend's home.  The knowledge you gain here will serve you very well as you continue your time in Rome - and after you return home as well!  (about 2 hours)

Cappuccino, espresso, gelato, biscotti....mamma mia!  The options to satisfy a sweet tooth and catch a little caffeine buzz in Rome are practically endless.   This tour allows you to sample so many unique - and super high quality! - options, all while providing you with an incredible amount of historical and cultural information.  It is some of the most delicious, educational fun you can have in the city! (about 2-3 hours)

Nota bene: Just about every food allergy, intolerance, or religious dietary consideration can be accommodated for.  Please ask before thinking something is off limits!  We'll always do our best to make these delicious experiences accessible to our amazing clients. 

We invite you to choose three of the following to continue building out your ideal vacation.

Choose three of the following tours to begin setting the framework for your Roman holiday.  

Countryside Escapes

Rome's true grandeur is best experienced when the city highlights are paired with the jewels of the countryside.   

These day trips are proposed to keep as close as possible to the starting at price listed below.  That said, we are not only able, but truly happy, to work with you to plan the perfect day trips anywhere you like during your time in Rome. 

ostia antica

The harbor of ancient Rome boasts some of the best ruins in the region - arguably as intriguing and impressive as Pompeii, but a fraction of the cost and time to visit!   

A private guide will take you through the different eras of the harbor, and with an option to add a visit to a nearby beach, this could turn into a great two-for-one experience outside the city walls! 


There is nothing a day trip from Rome could want that cannot be found in Orvieto.   

Movie scene backdrops, stunning views, not just Roman history but pre-Roman history above, below, and all around you, and the peacefulness of the countryside just beyond the city walls.   As your tour here is entirely private, this option is just waiting to be designed to your personal interests, preferences, and pace. 


Some of the most breathtaking images of "Rome" that we see in advertising and all over the internet are actually taken from the gardens of Tivoli and Hadrian's villa. 

The grounds of each are so special that you cannot help but feel like a VIP visitor even in the 21st century.   A perfect combination of history, architecture, nature, art, and more  - once again, all presented through the dedicated service of a private guide.

Please choose two of the following to complete your itinerary! 

Every Select Portfolio Collection itinerary is able to be further customized to your personal tastes, preferences, and interests.   

Here are just a few of the endless options we can offer through our hand-selected network in this region.

Upgrade your walking tour to one of two incredible private driving tours - either in a sedan or a second option, disclosed only to our clients! 

Cycle the Appian Way and visit the Catacombs 

Descend far below the busy streets to discover the ancient secrets of Underground Rome 

Join dear friends of ours for a dinner party hosted in her home (a client favorite!)

Vespa tours of the castles, abbeys, farms, and vineyards of the local countryside.

Many, many more! 

Options & Upgrades

Italiana Travel Design is happy to make hotel arrangements for you.  We are also happy to work with you if you prefer an alternate accommodation option, such as  private vacation rental (i.e. AirBnB, HomeAway, VRBO, etc.) or to stay with your friends or family.   

We believe everyone should travel as they truly prefer.

To begin your reservation request for Roman Holidays, or for additional information, please click here.

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Transfers & Transportation

As with all Italiana Travel Design itineraries, private transfers or transfer support are included upon arrival and departure. 

Additional transportation will be provided on an individual activity basis and may include trains or private drivers, with the option to upgrade always available.

Our flexible 7 experience Roman Holidays Itinerary starts at $3,900.00 per person, not including accommodation.

Dates & Availability

Italiana Travel Design does not have set departure dates or blackout dates.

While each individual experience is subject to availability, a full length itinerary is always possible for your preferred dates, including during major holidays. 

Total Travel Days

This flexible itinerary has been designed to ideally cover a minimum of 7 days in Rome.  We recommend a stay of 9 or more days in Rome, if possible.  If necessary, adjustments to the tours and timings can be arranged to fit a total of 7 days.

Combination & Customization

Selected days from this itinerary are able to be combined with selected days from other Select Portfolio Collection itineraries.  For those looking for a three week trip or more, the entire itinerary can be combined with another entire itinerary.

The inclusion of two free days and the overall flexible nature of the majority of the itinerary inclusions also allow for unique customizations, should you be interested in one or more.